India: Why Delhi government does not agree with the proposal of ‘pollution lockdown’?

India: Why Delhi government does not agree with the proposal of ‘pollution lockdown’?

The New Delhi government has ignored the ‘advice’ of the Indian Supreme Court to declare a ‘pollution lockdown’.
According to the French news agency AFP, children in New Delhi could not go to school for a week due to dangerous smog.
It should be noted that the air quality in New Delhi drops drastically every year in winter and there is a sharp increase in harmful particles in the atmosphere.
On Saturday, the Supreme Court, for the first time, recommended the imposition of a ‘pollution lockdown’, which would effectively keep 20 million people in Delhi confined to their homes.
Submitting a reply to the court on Monday, the city government of New Delhi said that such a move would be “meaningful” only if the states around Delhi were included in it (in the lockdown).
A portion of Delhi’s smog in winter consists of smoke from burning crop residues of farmers in neighboring states.
The Delhi government said that given the compact size of Delhi, the lockdown would have a limited impact on the air quality system.
However, the government acknowledged that factories play a major role in the city’s air pollution, followed by dust from roads and construction sites.
The response from the government stated that the field fire was contributing only 4% to the city’s PM2.5.

PM2.5 is one of the most harmful particles that can cause chronic lung and heart disease.
Last week, the PM2.5 level in Delhi touched 500, which is 30 times higher than the maximum safe limit according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
The Delhi Chief Minister on Saturday announced closure of all government offices as well as schools for a week and also banned construction activities till November 20.
A 2020 report by the Swiss organization IQ Air found that 22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities are in India, while Delhi is the most polluted capital in the world.
This year alone, the medical journal The Lancet said that in 2019, there were 1.67 million deaths due to air pollution in India, of which about 17,500 occurred in the capital.

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