Nobel laureate of the Padmashree Award, a pioneer of yoga in the kingdom

Nobel laureate of the Padmashree Award, a pioneer of yoga in the kingdom

“We are working on a strategic plan to promote yoga and to draw Saudi society to the importance of yoga,” said Nouf al-Marwi, Saudi Arabia’s first certified yoga instructor.
According to Arab News, after promoting yoga education and training for almost 20 years, the president of the Saudi Yoga Committee says that now yoga will be taken to a new level.
Nawaf Al-Marwi was awarded the Padma Shri Award by the President of India Ram Nath Kavand in 2018 at the Presidency of New Delhi. He received the award for his efforts to popularize yoga as a sport in Saudi Arabia.

I want to be a strong part of the positive changes taking place in the country. (Photo Arab News)

“We want to raise awareness about yoga for health and wellness because it is well-suited to the health of people of all ages,” Knopf said.
We are living in an age of real change. As a proud Saudi woman, I am more optimistic than ever and strive to serve my community.
“I want to be a strong part of the positive changes that are taking place in my country,” he said.
Although its usefulness and importance are underestimated, it is a mental and physical exercise that combines physical movements, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.
Nawf al-Marwi started practicing yoga in 1998. From the age of 18, he resorted to yoga to fight leprosy, a deadly and life-threatening disease.
Lupus is a disease like arthritis that attacks your body’s tissues, organs, and immune system, causing inflammation, joint pain, and skin, blood cells, and other organs.

People are becoming more health-conscious. (Photo Saudi Gazette)

Through yoga, he recovered from the disease and continued his education, completing a degree in clinical psychology.
He then established himself as one of the first yoga practitioners in the Middle East with 20 years of experience in yoga.
He started teaching yoga regularly in 2004 and continued his success by 2012, training more than 300 yoga instructors from around the world and teaching yoga to 3,000 people.
Apart from India, after working for a long time in Australia, he was given the title of Yoga Charya, which is given to a yoga teacher.
Nawf al-Marwi founded a school for yoga training in Saudi Arabia, later renamed the Arab Yoga Foundation.

The Saudi Yoga Committee is promoting yoga. (Photo Twitter)

The Saudi Yoga Committee was set up on May 16 by the Saudi Olympic Committee with the help of 26 other federations, committees, and leagues, Nawf al-Marwi said.
The committee was set up at a time when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Vision 2030 has given more importance to mental and physical health.
Nouf al-Marwi says that yoga will help prevent mental and physical health risks. As we have seen during the global epidemic in Corona, various sports initiatives have been put into practice and the Ministry of Sports, supported by the Saudi federations, has emphasized health and fitness in these difficult times.
In this regard, yoga continued to gain popularity in the country and was later recognized by the relevant health and sports authorities.
“I met Princess Reema bint Bandar in February 2017 and we talked about the identity of yoga and she welcomed my idea,” Al-Murwi said.

The Ministry of Sports emphasized health and fitness during Corona. (Photo Arab News)

Princess Reema immediately asked me to contact a team of sports ministry experts to work out its rules and regulations and then yoga was listed as a sporting activity.
The Saudi Yoga Committee is promoting yoga through organized activities and events.
Outside India, a memorandum of understanding will be signed with the Ministries of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Greek, Sadha, Swargapa, and Homeopathy.
In addition, we are participating in the event of the second edition of the Asian Games in November, which will be organized by Saudi Arabia.
Nouf al-Marwi confirmed that people are becoming more and more aware of their health, which has resulted in increased demand for a wide range of yoga centers across the country. Yoga is becoming more and more popular, especially among women.

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