The world’s first non-profit city will be built, the Saudi Crown Prince announced

The world’s first non-profit city will be built, the Saudi Crown Prince announced
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced

The construction of the world’s first non-profit city (Amir Mohammed bin Salman City) in Riyadh’s Arqat neighborhood.
It will sponsor non-profit national and international organizations, youth groups, and volunteers.
According to the official news agency SPA, Prince Muhammad bin Salman said, “This non-profit city will be the first of its kind. It will contribute to the fulfillment of the goals of the Muhammad Bin Salman Foundation Musk.
The Crown Prince said that the city would sponsor the concept of the ‘Digital Twin Model’. The Musk Foundation will provide opportunities for schools, colleges, and academies. There will be conference centers. There will also be a science museum and an innovation center.
The new city will provide opportunities for innovators in technology and science, equipped with state-of-the-art systems such as robots, the Internet, and artificial intelligence. There will also be art institutes, theaters, games zones, and culinary art institutes.
There will be a complete residential unit. Investors who are interested in investing without fear or risk will be welcomed.
Amir Muhammad bin Salman City will be built on Crown Prince’s plot in Arqat Mohalla opposite Hanifa Valley. It covers an area of 3 to 4 square kilometers.
Prince Muhammad bin Salman has allotted land for the project. The master plan of the new city will be a mirror of the advanced digital system. Its axis will be human. The city’s design is eco-friendly. More than 44% of the area will be open grasslands.

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